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Healthy Relationships

Why are young relationships natural? I really don’t like it.

​Relationships are an important part of life. They help us connect with others. For some, beginning romantic relationships is a major part of growing up. For others, it is an uncomfortable subject and they may see that dating only for adults. Overall, it is your choice when you would like to start dating another. It is okay if you feel that right now is not the time. It is still okay if you feel college is not the right time either. However, we believe it is critical to understand what a respectful and healthy romantic relationship looks like, and how to create one. In addition, we want to help ensure that you are able to recognise respectful relationships, and importantly, when you might not be in one.

Healthy Relationships

Why do guys insult girls?

Unhealthy gender norms are very common in our society. This idea goes back many years and historically it has been passed from generation to generation. We know that rigid belief in unhealthy gender norms contributes to power and control in our relationships. Sometimes stereotypes or norms are in place because society wants to limit the rights of a certain group of people. The important thing to know is that these norms and stereotypes are not facts but rather some people’s opinions.  We can engage in productive conversations that break down some of these unhealthy gender stereo types. Once we know what the issue is we can work together for justice and equality.

It is also important to note that abuse has no bias, and both boys and girls can be perpetrators and victims of abuse. However, women are vastly more likely to be seriously hurt or killed in these scenarios, which is why a lot of the examples we chose show women as the survivors and men as the perpetrators.

Sexual Assault

After being raped, my mom says I should be scared to date anyone... Should I be scared? I’ve toldmy boyfriend about it... well some.. Should I open up more?

​First, we would like to let you know that we appreciate you telling us a part of your story. We want you to know that you are not alone, and we are glad that you are asking us questions. Please know that our advocates are always available to talk and we’d be happy to meet or talk with you if you need support.

At BLOOM365, we do not want you to feel scared to date. Everyone reacts to traumatic events differently. For some who have experienced similar events like yours, they may feel scared to date. For others, they may not be scared. It is normal to feel either way, or somewhere in between. Allowing yourself time to process feelings and emotions is important. We all cope with things in different ways and at different speeds. Find what works for you and move at the pace you feel comfortable with. If you feel like you should open up more, or would like to, then allow yourself to do so. If you feel that you cannot open up at the moment, allow yourself to feel that way.

Always know BLOOM365 is here to support you if needed! If you need additional support and/orguidance on coping, please reach out to a BLOOM365 advocate at the number listed above. If you would like to try out our support groups as well, let us know.


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