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Trusted Adult Ally Training

To prevent and respond to youth violence


"Most of my experience in supporting victims revolved around supporting adults. I had experience and training in supporting children and youth, but it was not as detailed as this. I loved the advocacy lense, culminated with youth involvement programs aimed at understanding things from their perspective. I loved the app that revealed current language and terms used by today's youth. That is helpful to know as an advocate, investigator or parent."

- Eric B., Certified Trusted Adult Ally

Trusted Adult Ally Training

Not every student has the benefit of caring friendships, healthy relationships, access to an adult ally, or a stable and happy home. But, every student deserves and needs a "trusted adult" in their lives, especially when they are going through interpersonal violence (bullying, dating abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, gender-based violence, harassment, cyber abuse, and stalking).

Trusted Adult Ally Training is for:

  • parents

  • caregivers

  • teachers

  • school counselors

  • coaches

  • school resource officers

  • youth pastors

  • or anyone who interacts with youth and teens on a daily basis.

What Will I Learn?

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How to Recognize the red flags, risk factors and root causes associated with violence

How to Respond to disclosures of abuse appropriately and start a conversation

Ways to Reframe prevention policies, practices, and actions to uproot abuse in a generation

Office Meeting

Plus, you'll gain tips, tools, and resources to:

  • offer practical support to young people

  • become a better listener and ally

  • screen and intervene early and often

  • connect young people to professional help and peer support

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