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Protecting youth and reducing risk factors.

Creating Coordinated Community Response Teams

Coordinated Community Response Teams (CCRT) consist of a multi-disciplinary team of school personnel and community stakeholders. Members include youth, school staff, coaches, school nurses, school counselors, SROs, behavioral health providers, culturally specific providers, parents / caregivers, and other members of the community who interact with youth on a regular basis. BLOOM365's Coordinated Community Response Teams meet on a regular basis to come up with solutions on how to protect young people from experiencing abuse and violence.


Training Trusted Adult Allies

Not every student has the benefit of caring friendships, healthy relationships, access to an adult ally, or a stable and happy home. But, every student deserves and needs a "trusted adult" in their life. BLOOM365 trains adults on the 3 R's to prevent risk factors and increase protective factors.


Download the trusted adult ally prevention & response toolkit

Preventing Root Causes

Over 25% of young people, between the ages of 13 and 24 have reported being abusive or violent to a current or former dating partner. Verbal and emotional abuse, physical and sexual violence, possessive jealousy and coercive control are the common tactics individuals use to gain power and control. To reduce the risk of social and emotional harm and interpersonal violence related deaths we need to recognize the red flags, reduce risk factors and prevent root causes.

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