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activate peer advocate crew

Our Work

Uproot abuse in a generation


Our work is guided by three principles.

We envision a world of safe and healthy relationships for all. We offer school-based education curricula, violence prevention tools, branded awareness campaigns, response training for young people and trusted adults in their lives, and direct crisis, emotional, counseling, and intervention services that mitigate the issue from all sides.

Everyone is part of the solution.



abuse before it starts



safe & healthy relationships for all



young people & save lives

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Stop abuse before it begins, reduce the risk of abuse happening again, and alleviate the barriers to seeking help for young people through education, outreach, and intervention.

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Youth Educated

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174 hrs

of outreach

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*July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022 statistics



Healthy relationships and the intolerance of violence through training the next generation of victim advocates and raising awareness.

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Protect Gen Z and future generations of youth from the trauma associated with witnessing, experiencing, or perpetrating interpersonal violence through emotional support and clinical services, training adults, and creating community response teams.

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Jane had been receiving free trauma therapy from our licensed Counselor while she was in Arizona. She was progressing on her path to healing after experiencing domestic violence. She went on a trip out of state and still wanted support but wasn't sure how to receive it. We connected Jane with our individual advocacy team to receive the support she needed while she was out of town.


Our team works together to ensure that we can support survivors no matter where they are.

*Name and identifying information has been changed to protect the confidentiality of our client.

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