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Prevention helps stop abuse BEFORE it starts.


"Supporting healthy, nonviolent relationships could reduce Teen Dating Violence and prevent its harmful, long-lasting effects on individuals, their families, and their communities."

- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

BringLove365 Curricula

BringLove365 curricula consist of research-based, evidence-informed, and teen-relevant lessons to enhance the confidence, skills, and knowledge of students to build safe and healthy relationships, free of abuse and violence. Lessons, called "doses," are delivered in-person and online in schools and community settings by trained BLOOM365 Advocates or certified facilitators from member schools and organizations across the U.S.



Revised + updated every 4 years

The BringLove365 7-Dose Curriculum is updated every

4 years to stay current, accurate and relevant.


We work to meet young people where they are at through outreach events. BLOOM365 advocates travel to schools, community events, military bases, and more to provide the critical resources to prevent abuse before it starts, promote healthy relationships and enhance healing and safety.

Students look at BLOOM365 flyers at an outdoor outreach event.
Two BLOOM365 volunteers stand under a canopy at an outdoor event wearing "Consent" tshirts


We recognize that sometimes people learn that using violence, aggression, or control in relationships is normal. We help young people stop the use of abusive behaviors and start practicing communication, respect, and empathy. Through trauma-informed intervention practices, we are reducing the risk of physical abuse, social and emotional harm, and deaths.

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