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Governing Board

Our board governs, monitors and strengthens our mission and strategies, while serving as ambassadors to enhance bloom365's public standing and fundraising support.



Chair (Founding Board Member)

Patrick Armstrong

Bio coming soon.

JDA Investments


Board Member

Brian Kunick

Bio coming soon.

Product Manager



Senior Director


Board Member

Destinee Mack

Destinee Mack is a passionate leader, wife, mother, mentor and world traveler. She believes that understanding the customer journey is key to developing a strategy that allows both customers and businesses to achieve their desired outcomes.

She is an experienced executive who manages high-performance customer success, product, and implementation teams that will successfully guide new clients from sale to becoming a referencable client. As Chief Customer Officer, driving customer success and building a recurring revenue stream is the number one priority. Her staff works with various constituents on the client-side and with our partners to ensure success through the life-cycle of the account.

With over 17 years of healthcare experience, and having implemented and managed over 100,000 clients, her experience, competence, and patience to the digital conversion process gives a deep understanding of the market and customer needs.

KS-Picture1 - Krishna Singh.png


Wells Fargo

Board Member

Krishna Singh

Krishna is a Senior Vice President (SVP) & Technology Executive with Wells Fargo. He leads a global technology organization within the Wells Fargo Technology group, enabling Core Strategic Services for Wells Fargo customers & team members.


Krishna’s information technology career spans more than 20 years. He has a strong passion for technology leadership, transformation strategy, modernization, & execution excellence. In his current and prior roles, he has led successful transformations of legacy monolithic systems into modern, well-architected applications and services, aligned with the latest Microservices and Cloud-enabled application architecture, with >50MM+ in cost savings, while also enabling successful business transformation outcomes.


Krishna also has a strong passion for building a more powerful next-generation that strengthens our communities, practices and values, diversity and inclusion in its fundamental form. Krishna is an active volunteer in the community, as well as a leader in employee resource networks, including Diversity & Inclusion and Women in Technology at Wells Fargo.


Krishna has a Master’s in Computer Science & Bachelor’s in Physics/Electronics & Mathematics. He currently lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife and two kids.

I truly believe that Healthy Relationships are key to a healthy society. Investing to activate our Zen Z+ teens for education & advocacy to #UprootAbuse in our society over next decade will have a very meaningful and positive impact. Bloom365 is a non-profit organization with vision/mission to educate & activate teens and trusted adult allies in schools and communities to promote healthy relationship and prevent the spread of teen dating abuse, domestic violence from one generation to the next.


Board Member

Laurie Susie

Bio coming soon.

Fundraising Professional

IMG_5376 2 - Lynn Toler_edited.jpg

Founding Board Member


Judge Toler received her BA from Harvard and her Juris Doctor from Penn Law. She became a municipal judge at 33, then went on to host the nationally syndicated television show, Divocre Court for 13 years. She is the author of several books and the current host of Marriage Bootcamp. She has been married over 30 years to Eric Mumford and has six sons.

Former Judge on Divorce Court TV

IMG_6514 - Elizabeth Wiele.JPG

Treasurer, Board Member

Elizabeth Wiele

I'm Elizabeth Wiele, Director of Finance with Allbound, Inc a SaaS company, as well as Treasurer and board member of bloom365. I enjoy working for a startup software company. I get to directly make in impact with my work. I have a Bachelor's degree in Accounting from WGU. I was able to earn my degree while working full time and raising 2 kids.


I'm also a wife and mother of 2 kids and 1 fur kid. I was raised in the Phoenix area and couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I enjoy reading mystery and sci-fi books, baking, and games with my family, both video game and board games.

Director of Finance


Douglas Wilkey - Douglas Wilkey_edited.j


ASU School of Criminology & Criminal Justice

Board Member

Douglas Wilkey

Douglas is a full time Instructor for the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University. He teaches ground courses "Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice Response", "Race, Ethnicity and Crime" and "Violence in America". He has over eight years of experience as a counselor providing Domestic Violence Offender Treatment and is passionate about issues of domestic violence and criminal justice. He is a guest speaker on issues of Domestic Violence and provides trainings to the Arizona Department of Child Services biannually. In the past he has provided presentations to the City of Phoenix Prosecutor’s Office and the Judges of the Arizona Supreme Court. He completed a graduate level internship with the Arizona Justice Project where he completed an analysis of Arizona Law Enforcement's policies regarding the preservation and retention of biological evidence (DNA) and adherence to legislative mandates. He continues volunteering with the Arizona Justice Project. He remains committed issues of domestic violence, wrongful convictions and improving the criminal justice system.


Douglas has a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies and a Master of Art in Criminology and Criminal Justice, both from Arizona State University. He loves reading books, watching movies and volunteering for justice related causes.


BLOOM365 Founder

Chief Executive Officer

Donna Bartos, MPA (c)

The commitment to fight for a cause sometimes surfaces months, years or even decades after an adverse experience. Other times, it’s born in an instant to find a solution to a problem. In Donna Bartos’ case the path to dedicating her life’s work to preventing the root causes of interpersonal violence in a generation was a little bit of both. For over three decades, Donna tucked away the sexual assault, domestic violence and dating abuse she was exposed to and experienced as a child, teen and young adult. In 2006, after serving in executive, consulting, fundraising, marketing and training capacities for non-profit public health and youth development organizations, Donna founded BLOOM365.

She has turned her personal lived experiences and two decades of self-guided research into a comprehensive and relevant “Are you blooming or wilting?” violence prevention and response strategy implemented in schools, community organizations and now military installations which spans across individual, relationship, community and societal levels. . In 2012, she won the Social Venture Partners Arizona Fast Pitch $100k competition to seed fund and test the efficacy of these innovations.


Additionally, Donna trains parents, caregivers, school personnel, military service members, youth service providers, school resource officers, and others on how to provide LEVEL advocacy, a concept she created in 2020 to increase the capacity and confidence of “natural helpers” to Listen, Empathize, Validate, Encourage and Link young people who have experienced, witnessed or perpetrated violence to help and support. She is currently developing screening tools for school personnel and parents to use to identify risk factors and red flags among students at risk for causing harm to others.

Donna has been recognized locally and nationally for her work which turns theory and research into practice. She received the 2021 National Organization for Victim Assistance Edith Surgan Victim Activist Award, 2021 ATHEA Valley of the Sun “Acts Courageously” HAIL Award and 2010 Hon Kachina Award. She holds a BA in Communication from McDaniel College and a Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University. Her memoir “From wilting to blooming” about growing up with domestic violence, surviving the trauma childhood sexual assault and thriving after teen dating violence will release in 2023.

Athena Valley of the Sun HAIL Award

Donna’s Fast Pitch

LinkedIn Profile

The BLOOM365 Founding Story

Advisory Board


Secretary (Founding Board Member)

Stephanie King, Esq.

Bio coming soon.

Chief Legal Counsel


Honorary Board

Coming soon.

Board Responsibilities


  • Personally giving or raising $800 in Arizona tax credits or financial support annually.

  • Participating in quarterly board meetings.

  • Checking in monthly via a "3 in 30" progress strategy.

  • Introducing bloom365 to prospective supporters, sponsors and strategic partners.

  • Attending and inviting others to attend bloom365 signature fundraising events.

  • Serve on a committee.

  • Leveraging expertise, talents, and network to strengthen bloom365's vision and goals. 

Fiduciary Roles

Our board governs, monitors and strengthens our mission and strategies. Our board members are the fiduciaries who steer bloom365 toward a sustainable future by adopting sound governance and financial management policies, serving as ambassadors to enhance bloom365’s public standing and fundraising support, and ensuring we have adequate resources to advance our mission.

Duty of Care 

  • Participate and remain informed about all aspects of bloom365.

  • Read and understand financial reports and participate in strategic planning.

  • Ensure records are kept accurately and preserved.

Duty of Loyalty 

Work in the best interest of bloom365, not using the organization for personal or professional gain and disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. 

Duty of Obedience

  • Remain aware of the laws that affect bloom365 and ensure that the organization follows them.

  • Understand and follow the bloom365 bylaws.

  • Help bloom365 carry out annual goals.

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