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Prevent abuse BEFORE

it starts.

Removing the barriers to help and preventing abuse before it starts will increase safety, healing and well-being for this generation of youth and the next.


Safe and healthy relationships for all. 


Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More 365 Days A Year.


(Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Educate and activate 10% of young people and the adult allies in their lives across the U.S. by the year 2030.


We tackle a preventable problem, with tangible solutions.

We educate young people on healthy v. unhealthy relationships and build their skills to avoid controlling, abusive and violent behaviors now and

later in life.

We advocate for young people who have been victimized by providing trauma informed emotional support, counseling and safety services to enhance healing and well-being.

We activate high school and college students as Peer Advocates and young military service members as Peer Influencers who are trained to recognize the signs of abuse, respond appropriately and reframe conversations and actions to cultivate a culture of safety, empathy, respect and

consent for all.


We intervene early and provide trauma informed counseling, conflict resolution and coping skills to young people at risk for perpetrating violence.

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We train parents, school personnel, youth service providers and other trusted adults as allies ready to prevent, respond, and alleviate the impact of interpersonal violence trauma on youth.

BLOOM365 trains individuals in partner schools and community organizations to implement and facilitate our primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies to scale impact across the U.S.

It was only 8th grade 
And the abuse was insane 
We started off as friends 
And our love would never end 
Until that day 
Your hand reached my face 
Bruises on my body but I told myself I'm fine 
Even tho every night suicide was on my mind 
You took everyone away from me even my mom 
Running away with you with nowhere to be found 
Dropped outta school cause that's what you told me to do 
Fear in my eyes I could hardly breath 
When you raised your fist I was hoping you would miss
I didn’t even mention you were older by 2 years 
Cause every time I tried my eyes would fill with tears 

Now here’s the part everyone wants hear

How bloom365 became an open ear

Well, I told my history and they said they have something for me

Gave me tools to help my community

Now I’m standing here tell my story. 


Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.22.02 PM.png


At BLOOM365, we believe…


  1. All young people, regardless of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or race, deserve access to education, safety and opportunities to thrive.

  2. There is no such thing as “troubled youth…” it is the world around them that is troubled.

  3. Root cause prevention is the solution to ending interpersonal violence.

  4. Youth, with the support of trusted adults at home, in school and throughout the community, have the power and potential to cultivate a culture of empathy, respect, consent and healthy relationships for all.

  5. Progress and consensus lies “in the middle.” This is a place where individuals of all political, spiritual, and lived experiences come together and agree that interpersonal violence perpetrated against any/all youth, teens and adults is intolerable.


As a BLOOM365 community, we commit to:


  1. No victim blaming, ever.

  2. Showing up for youth every time.

  3. Working with passion, integrity and authenticity.




Originally an "Are you blooming or wilting?" prevention concept based on research, created by our Founder, Donna Bartos and brought to life by graphic designer Brian Richardson, this tool has evolved into a promising practice approach that:

  • increases knowledge

  • disrupts unhealthy social norms

  • elevates self-esteem

  • inspires active bystander attitudes

  • mobilizes youth and adult allies as partners in prevention

  • reduces the consequences of unaddressed abuse and violence among young people.


Seed funded by Social Venture Partners Arizona, the Verizon Foundation and the Armstrong Family Foundation in the pivotal pilot years, bloom365's solutions are now scaling across the U.S.



BLOOM365’s staff, board, and volunteers embrace and appreciate the diversity of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion/spirituality, ability, socio-economic status, and more. We are committed to creating an organizational culture that values diversity, equity and inclusion by:


1. Working to ensure our programs, services, and staff reflect the communities we serve in Arizona and beyond.

2. Educating youth and the trusted adult allies in their lives on the barriers that exist for underrepresented youth who are disproportionately victimized and work together to remove them.

3. Providing relevant and inclusive services to youth victims who have witnessed, experienced dating abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault, including youth with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, Black, Indigenous, youth of color and male survivors.

4. Fostering an environment that encourages underrepresented students to become Lead Peer Advocates.


Incorporating equity and inclusion in all layers of our teen dating violence/sexual assault prevention and response work is an ongoing process as we strive to be better advocates, allies and champions of diversity, equity and inclusion.

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