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Our Mission & Vision


Prevent teen dating abuse BEFORE

it starts.

Removing the barriers to help and preventing abuse before it starts will increase safety, healing and well-being for this generation of

youth and the next.


Healthy and safe relationships for all- free of domestic,  sexual, and teen

dating violence.


Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More 365 Days A Year.


(Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Educate and activate10% of youth as peer advocates and adults as trusted allies across the U.S. by the year 2030 to uproot abuse in a generation.



Develop, deliver and test research-based promising practices for interpersonal violence prevention and response for K-12 aged youth nationwide.

Increase safety and healing among 13-24 year old youth survivors of abuse through chatline help, peer support, case management and individual advocacy services.

Activate the strengths and passions of Gen Z youth to sustain relationship health and end violence in all forms through peer to peer awareness, advocacy and action.


Increase protective factors and reduce risk factors to prevent violence perpetration among youth at risk for causing harm to themselves or others through school-based Coordinated Community Response Teams and wrap around intervention services.

Train and equip Trusted Adult Allies to recognize, remove and respond to the help seeking barriers faced by youth experiencing, witnessing or perpetrating violence.

Partner with schools, advocacy organizations and community based youth development programs to advance the collective goal to uproot abuse in a generation by the year 2030. #BHAG2030

It was only 8th grade 
And the abuse was insane 
We started off as friends 
And our love would never end 
Until that day 
Your hand reached my face 
Bruises on my body but I told myself I'm fine 
Even tho every night suicide was on my mind 
You took everyone away from me even my mom 
Running away with you with nowhere to be found 
Dropped outta school cause that's what you told me to do 
Fear in my eyes I could hardly breath 
When you raised your fist I was hoping you would miss
I didn’t even mention you were older by 2 years 
Cause every time I tried my eyes would fill with tears 

Now here’s the part everyone wants hear

How bloom365 became an open ear

Well, I told my history and they said they have something for me

Gave me tools to help my community

Now I’m standing here tell my story. 



We are a non-profit domestic / sexual / teen dating violence prevention and response organization headquartered in Arizona. We combine public health framed education with peer to peer advocacy and activism to #UprootAbuse and cultivate empathy, respect, kindness, equality, consent, safety and peace as the standard for this generation of youth and the next.


Our outreach and advocacy staff implement education, advocacy and peer support programs and train early adopter partners to ensure young people have a voice and a role in preventing and responding to teen dating abuse, sexual violence, domestic abuse, and gender based violence.


We believe that outreach, education and awareness are vital for reducing future victimization (secondary prevention) and supporting survivors after victimization (tertiary prevention). However, it is through peer to peer advocacy that we will prevent the root causes of dating abuse/sexual violence BEFORE it begins (primary prevention).

​At the core of all that we do is the unshakable belief that root cause prevention is the cure to ending power, control, abuse and violence in our relationships, families, schools, communities and institutional systems.



Originally an "Are you blooming or wilting?" prevention concept based on research, created by our Founder, Donna Bartos and brought to life by graphic designer Brian Richardson, this tool has evolved into a promising practice approach that:

  • increases knowledge

  • disrupts unhealthy social norms

  • elevates self-esteem

  • inspires active bystander attitudes

  • mobilizes youth and adult allies as partners in prevention

  • reduces the consequences of unaddressed abuse and violence among young people.


Seed funded by Social Venture Partners Arizona, the Verizon Foundation and the Armstrong Family Foundation in the pivotal pilot years, bloom365's solutions are now scaling across the U.S.


Although our work with youth is hopeful, fun, inspiring and transformational, we look forward to the day when our services are no longer necessary.  The day we go out of business is the day when:

  • Women and children safe at home

  • LGBTQ+ youth and youth with disabilities are safe where they live, work, play and visit

  • Parents can send their kids to school without the worry of gun violence

  • Students can learn and thrive at school without the threat of being bullied

  • Campus rape and victim blaming are eradicated

  • Young perpetrators are rehabilitated

  • Equity and agency replace power and control in relationships, communities and culture

  • Sexual violence and the harassment of women and girls is no longer tolerated, normalized or socially acceptable

  • Empathy, respect, kindness, equality, consent, safety and peace are the standard


Together, we can realize this vision by investing in the potential of this generation of youth and the next to #UprootAbuse.

Tel. (888) 606-4673

Email: info@bloom365.org

20403 N Lake Pleasant Rd #117-492

Peoria, AZ 85382

Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More

365 Days A Year

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