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Social change begins with individual acts of courage.

Female Student

become a Lead Peer Advocate

Lead Education, Advocacy & Peer Support 

on your High School or College Campus


Represent bloom365 in your school or campus community by becoming a Lead Peer Advocate.

After completing our 3-Day online or in person Peer Advocate Academy, Lead Peer Advocates are ready to:


  1. Educate: Facilitate "flash dose" workshops on healthy relationships and root cause prevention to peers and younger students.

  2. Advocate: Respond to and provide baseline advocacy and support to peers who disclose interpersonal violence.

  3. Activate: Spark conversations, raise awareness, validate survivors through bloom365 First Friday Campaigns.


When funding is available, these are PAID positions!


rep the movement:

As a bloom365 volunteer Brand Ambassador, through our First Friday Campaigns, you to help spark conversations and raise awareness to validate survivors and create safe spaces for young people impacted by the trauma of interpersonal violence to seek emotional support and help.

We provide training, First Friday digital implementation kits and opportunities to connect with ambassadors across the country to build a community to uproot abuse in a generation. All you need to do is sign up and commit to wearing the designated awareness color or our signature T-Shirt on the First Friday of the month and ask others at school, at work or online to join you.


When just 10% activate TO UPROOT ABUSE

others will notice. This is the Tipping Point Theory of change at bloom365.

10% of Gen Z Youth Activated by the year 2030!


The brain can mimic the actions of others and understand the reasons behind behaviors.

Peer role models are crucial for cultivating a culture of empathy, respect and consent.


Peer Advocate Academy

Community is from the root word meaning “unity.”

Gen Z will not look the other way. Instead, they are activating and engaging their peers, schools and communities to uproot abuse in a generation.

The Peer Advocate Academy is an interactive, fun and transformational training for student leaders on high school and college campuses across the U.S. who want to:

  • Gain peer advocacy skills

  • Connect with other student leaders

  • Learn from interpersonal violence prevention experts

  • Cultivate a culture of empathy, respect and consent

  • Build a community to uproot abuse

The Academy is held online three times a year and in person at the annual NOVA  National Organization for Victim Assistance training event.


See 2019 Highlight VIDEO



“Having the opportunity to educate my friends through the 7-Doses has helped me form deeper connections with my peers and made me more aware of the hidden issues plaguing teens.” -Isabella, Surprise, AZ


"I choose to be a Lead Peer Advocate in order to activate and amplify the voices of my peers to create a future that supports healthy masculinity, free of sexual violence." - Avi, Glendale, AZ


“Advocacy has changed the way I see people. It’s so easy to fall into the thinking that no one really cares about who is getting hurt anymore, but I no longer see it that way. There are people who care. It is that simple fact that keeps my hope of a better world alive and keeps me pushing for Change.” -Faith, Queen Creek, AZ



fall / spring / summer internships

BLOOM365 interns and volunteers represent a multi-disciplinary network of skilled and passionate people who want to be part of our special mission and work. Students and professionals with diverse educational backgrounds and/or work experience from the following fields help to ensure our work is current, inclusive and broad reaching:


Counseling | Criminal Justice | Sociology | Women & Gender Studies Performing Arts | Public Health | Marketing | Education | Policy Public Administration | Business | Non-Profit Management | Communications |  Nursing  |  Psychology | Social Work | And More!


  • Current Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • Passionate about bloom365's mission, vision and work

  • Actively pursuing an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a relevant field

  • Reliable technology

  • Minimum of a 6-month commitment. 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Professionalism

  • Highly dependable

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Previous experience preferred




First Friday Campaigns