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80% of teens will seek help from a peer before going to an adult

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become a Lead Peer Advocate

Lead Education, Advocacy & Peer Support 

on your High School or College Campus


Lead Peer Advocates make up a nationwide network of high school and college students who collaborate with Trusted Adult Allies on and off campus to educate, advocate, and activate their local communities to remove the barriers to help faced by young survivors and victims. LPA’s inform and craft curricula, social media, video, blog and podcast content. Activate your school campus or community and cultivate a culture of empathy, respect and consent. Training and mentoring support provided.



Peer Advocate Crew (PAC)

Starting or joining a BringLove365 Peer Advocate Crew (PAC) on your campus or in a community group is a great way to activate peers to Bring Love On Others More and uproot abuse in a generation. The student-led club format provides a safe space for students to raise awareness on teen dating abuse and sexual violence, as well as cultivate empathy, respect and consent as social norms. 

 BLOOM365 provides student Peer Advocates with training. mentoring, education materials on healthy v. unhealthy relationships, and branded “First Friday” campaign strategies to activate 10% of their school community to uproot abuse in a generation. The PAC is open to middle school, high school and college students.  

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Three Core Functions of A PEER ADVOCATE CREW:


EDUCATE: Facilitate peer to peer education events and assemblies on empathy, respect and consent during the following awareness campaign months: October-Domestic Violence; February- Teen Dating Violence and April-Sexual Violence. 


ADVOCATE: Collaborate with the trusted adults on campus to provide ongoing information and referrals to students who have experienced or witnessed abuse or violence. This is accomplished through handing out bloom365 helpline and peer support information at resource fairs, facilitating outreach poster campaigns and more. 


ACTIVATE: Engage and activate 10% or more students and adults on campus to take action to #UprootAbuse by participating in the First Friday Rep the Color Awareness Campaigns. Facilitate Elephant in the Room Conversations with peers to find solutions for removing the barriers to help faced by youth impacted by violence. Raise awareness and funds through a signature Rock the Purple Open Mic Night event in October.


“I chose to be a Lead Peer Advocate in order to activate and amplify the voices of my peers to create a future that supports healthy masculinity, free of sexual violence.”

“Having the opportunity to educate my friends through the 7-Doses has helped me form deeper connections with my peers and made me more aware of the hidden issues plaguing teens.”

“BLOOM365’s 7-Dose Education curriculum makes us aware of the warning signs of interpersonal violence and also activates teens to prevent the root causes, peer to peer.” -Saanvi, LPA Regional Director

“As a Lead Peer Advocate, I am now more aware of my surroundings, red flags to look for and how to help in a situation.” -Alex K, LPA

When just 10% of teens activate TO UPROOT ABUSE

peers will notice. This is the Tipping Point Theory of change at bloom365.


Peer Advocate Academy

Trained Peer Advocates gain the knowledge and skills to:

  • Recognize healthy v. unhealthy relationships

  • Respond to domestic/sexual/teen dating violence safety and with empathy and no victim blaming

  • Refer peers to help and support

  • Increase access to services for youth victims

  • Provide peer support

  • Disrupt the social norms that lead to abuse and violence

  • Collaborate with Trusted Adult Allies on campus

Our interactive 16-hour Academy is held three times a year.




“Having the opportunity to educate my friends through the 7-Doses has helped me form deeper connections with my peers and made me more aware of the hidden issues plaguing teens.” -Isabella, Surprise, AZ


"I choose to be a Lead Peer Advocate in order to activate and amplify the voices of my peers to create a future that supports healthy masculinity, free of sexual violence." - Avi, Glendale, AZ


“Advocacy has changed the way I see people. It’s so easy to fall into the thinking that no one really cares about who is getting hurt anymore, but I no longer see it that way. There are people who care. It is that simple fact that keeps my hope of a better world alive and keeps me pushing for Change.” -Faith, Queen Creek, AZ

See 2019 Highlight VIDEO



fall/spring/summer internships

BLOOM365 interns and volunteers represent a multi-disciplinary network of skilled and passionate people who want to be part of our special mission and work. Students and professionals with diverse educational backgrounds and/or work experience from the following fields help to ensure our work is current, inclusive and broad reaching:


Counseling | Criminal Justice | Sociology | Women & Gender Studies Performing Arts | Public Health | Marketing | Education | Policy Public Administration | Business | Non-Profit Management | Communications |  Nursing  |  Psychology | Social Work | And More!


  • Current Fingerprint Clearance Card

  • Passionate about bloom365's mission, vision and work

  • Actively pursuing an Associate's, Bachelor's or Master's Degree in a relevant field

  • Reliable technology

  • Minimum of a 6-month commitment. 

  • Strong communication skills

  • Professionalism

  • Highly dependable

  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team

  • Previous experience preferred




First Friday Campaigns

When 10% of a community promotes the First Friday campaign it’s enough for others to notice. This simply sparks a conversation and validates victims and survivors without saying a word. The goal is to create protective environments by showing support for survivors and promote positive social norms of empathy, respect, consent, quality, safety, etc.


Join us during our First Friday campaigns and activate your school community and encourage students to join you by wearing the corresponding color and hosting events on campus!

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BringLove365 First Friday Campaigns:


EMPATHY: #GoPurple in October to kick off  Domestic Violence Awareness Month
RESPECT: #GoOrange in February to kick off Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

CONSENT: #GoTeal in April to kick off Sexual Assault Awareness Month

EQUALITY: #GoRainbow in June to kick off PRIDE Month


Elephant in the Room Campus Conversations

The Elephant in the Room Study Circles bring a groups of peers and members of the campus community together to talk about ways communities can develop and implement action agendas to prevent and respond to sexual/domestic/dating violence.


Led by a Lead Peer Advocate facilitator who is trained to manage discussion, participants come together each quarter for a two hour “study circle” session to examine issues related to domestic/sexual/teen dating violence prevention from diverse points of view, explore possible solutions and develop ideas for action and change.

What does a session look like?

  • We frame the issue and talk about how participants are connected to the issue 

  • We examine a root cause and existing sexual violence responses in the community to prevent it

  • We explore how teens and trusted adult allies can work together to improve things

  • We then move from dialogue to action to change!


Session Topics Can Include:

  • Jealousy

  • Removing Barriers to Help

  • Redefining Masculinity

  • Inclusivity (LGBTQ+)

  • Active Bystander/Upstanders

Shefali Prakash

Regional Lead Peer Advocate Director - Southwest


Shefali is a BLOOM365 Southwest Regional Director. She joined BLOOM365 because domestic violence, sexual violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence are prevalent issues that can no longer be trivialized and normalized in our society. She knows that the work we do at BLOOM365 is important because a life free from violence is a basic human right, not a luxury. Shefali is passionate about the work we do because it revolves around the youth/teens, which are the future of tomorrow. In her spare time, Shefali loves to go on runs, do yoga, and cook!