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Uproot Abuse
in a Generation


Who We Are

BLOOM365, formerly Purple Ribbon Council to Cut Out Domestic Abuse is a grassroots movement that began in August 2006 with an idea, written on a napkin, to turn every city in the U.S. PURPLE during Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October to help Break the Silence, Break the Cycle and Save Lives.


Our efforts are focused on sustainable and scalable youth-driven education, advocacy, intervention and activism in schools and organizations across Arizona and the U.S.


Our growing network of dedicated partners and allies includes teen Peer Advocates in schools and on college campuses, Peer Influencers in military installations, victim advocacy organizations, police departments, elected public servants, celebrities and early adopter partners across the U.S. Please JOIN US!

Our staff and volunteer interns and lead peer advocates create an organizational culture that is inclusive, empathetic, supportive, kind, and innovative.

What We Do

We educate young people on healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and build their skills to avoid controlling, abusive and violent behaviors now and later in life.

We advocate for young people who have been victimized by providing trauma informed emotional support, counseling and safety services to enhance healing and well-being.

We activate high school and college students as Peer Advocates and young military service members as Peer Influencers who are trained to recognize the signs of abuse, respond appropriately and reframe conversations and actions to cultivate a culture of safety, empathy, respect and consent for all.

We intervene early and provide trauma informed counseling, conflict resolution and coping skills to young people at risk for perpetrating violence.

We train parents, school personnel, youth service providers and other trusted adults as allies ready to prevent, respond, and alleviate the impact of interpersonal violence trauma on youth.

BLOOM365 trains individuals in partner schools and community organizations to implement and facilitate our primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies to scale impact across the U.S.


Our Programs & Services

Our Training Audiences

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