Uproot Abuse in a Generation

At bloom365 we educate and activate youth advocates and adult allies to

prevent the root causes of domestic, sexual and teen dating violence

and remove the barriers to help for teen and young adult survivors of abuse.
As we navigate the effects of COVID-19, BLOOM365 is committed to staying connected with teens and the trusted adults in their lives...because social connections matter. All of our supportive services, education and trainings are now available online.  For more information on resources and learning opportunities available please visit our COVID-19 Updates Page.

What We Do

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7-Dose Curriculum

We facilitate a research-based Domestic/Sexual/Teen Dating Violence prevention and healthy relationship education curriculum in schools, youth orgs, and military installations.


Youth Violence Intervention & Prevention Project

We are developing screening tolos, pilot interventions and Coordinated Community Responses for teens at risk for or already exhibiting abusive or violent behaviors. 

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Individual & Peer Support

We provide safe spaces for 13-24 year old survivors to access advocacy resources, case management services, safety planning, and peer support groups in person and online.

TEXT/CHAT (1-888-606-4673)

Team Building


Trusted Adult Ally

Professional Development

We train school personnel and other "trusted adult allies" on how to recognize and alleviate the barriers to safety, well-being and support for young victims of violence.

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Peer Advocate Crew (PAC)

We train and activate teen peer advocates to change culture, remove the barriers to help, amplify youth voices and cultivate safe, healthy and empathetic school communities. 



Early Adopter Partners

 We collaborate with a local, national and international network of trained and certified facilitators who are the first to implement BLOOM365’s strategies and impact measures in their locale.

Why We Exist


Lead Peer Advocate

Having the opportunity to educate my friends through the 7-Doses has helped me form deeper connections with my peers and made me more aware of the hidden issues plaguing teens.


Lead Peer Advocate

Advocacy has changed the way I see people. It’s so easy to fall into the thinking that no one really cares about who is getting hurt anymore, but I no longer see it that way. There are people who care. It is that simple fact that keeps my hope of a better world alive and keeps me pushing as an advocate for change.


Lead Peer Advocate

I choose to be a Lead Peer Advocate in order to activate and amplify the voices of my peers to create a future that supports healthy masculinity, free of sexual violence.

Rep the Movement

Uproot Abuse Everywhere You Go

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