Group Support

A safe space filled with empathy, understanding and support. Build friendships with the people who understand and have had similar experiences.

Real Talk Drop-in Peer Support Groups

We believe that all young people deserve a safe place to connect, share stories and encouragement. We offer peer-to-peer support groups for young people who are struggling with self-care, self-esteem, break ups, healing after abuse, dealing with toxic relationships, family tension or friend drama, feeling stressed out or left out at school.


Experience Real Talk

REAL TALK drop-in peer support groups are offered in person or through video chat. We offer different groups for ages 11-13, 14-17 & 18-24. Meet your people.


  • Weeks 1-4: Self-esteem

  • Weeks 5-8: Self-care & Coping

  • Weeks 9-12: Social Connections & Healthy Relationships

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