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Healthy relationship and interpersonal violence prevention education.


"Thank you for your help in seeing the signs of abuse."

- BringLove365 High School Feedback Form

7-Dose Curriculum for Teens

Our 7-Dose Curriculum for teens consists of seven research-based, evidence-informed, and teen-relevant lessons which enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of teens to grow and build safe and healthy relationships, free of abuse and violence. Each dose, or lesson, is driven by measurable objectives that align with the core standards for health education. Upon completing the interactive curriculum, teens who have experienced or witnessed interpersonal violence and/or recognized they may be engaging in harmful behaviors know where to get help and how to help a friend, as well as have access to ongoing direct service advocacy, counseling and peer to peer support.

College Friends

"Thank you guys so much for everything you did for us. It doesn’t seem like anyone really appreciates you guys but we do. You have honestly helped me so much and I want to thank you."


- BringLove365 Middle School Feedback Form

Flash Dose Lesson

Do you want a quick lesson from the BringLove365 Curricula taught on your campus, at your community organization or virtually for a group of students? We offer "flash doses" to teach individual lessons on college campuses, community organizations, high schools, middle schools, assemblies, and more!

College Students

Middle School 5-Dose Curricula 

Our 5-Dose Curriculum for Middle School students consists of five research-based and relevant lessons which enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of students to recognize the difference between caring and controlling friendships and relationships. The curriculum develops the skills of children to build healthy friendships and relationships.

BLOOM365 Certified Instructor Training

BLOOM365 helps advocates and teachers bring healthy relationship education to young people through a Certified Instructor training. Our Certified Instructor training equips adult advocates and allies to facilitate our research-based, multi-dose BringLove365 7-Dose Curriculum schools and campus communities across Arizona and the U.S. 

This highly interactive and comprehensive Certified Instructor program is designed for domestic/sexual violence prevention advocates, non-profit youth development staff, state and city youth council staff, school social workers, health teachers and other "natural partners" who want to become certified to deliver BLOOM365's comprehensive healthy relationship education curricula in high schools, colleges and community organizations.  

You will receive:
-2 Days of Interactive 7-Dose Curriculum Instructor Training

-2 Days of Trusted Adult Ally Training

-On demand webinars and refresher trainings

-One year licensing usage rights
-One year of implementation technical assistance
-Awareness campaign support
-Third party evaluation
-Implementation starter kit to facilitate the 7-Dose Curriculum
-Opportunity add on the pilot Real Talk, Root It Out and Safety for All Peer Support Group Curricula

Do more of what you love...teach and support youth, teens and young adults!

Leave the curriculum development, data collection and evaluation to us!


High School Friends
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