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Youth Club Meeting

Start a Club

Join the movement to uproot abuse by launching a Peer Advocate Crew on campus or in your community!

Are you ready to
educate & activate
your peers?

Anyone can start a Peer Advocate Crew - regardless of experience!

BLOOM365 provides support at every step to help you launch your peer-led movement.



The first step in launching a Crew is to complete our Educate, Advocate, Activate: Peer Advocate Academy. You will go through an interactive evidence-informed curriculum on healthy v. unhealthy relationships, help-seeking and safety, root causes, influences, communication, consent and coping, bystander intervention, and more!



The second part of your Peer Advocate Crew training involves learning and practicing how to help a peer who is experiencing or witnessing interpersonal violence through our empathy-centered LEVEL response training. You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to listen, empathize, validate, encourage and link peers to resources. 


Activate & Amplify

At BLOOM365, we have a Big Hairy Audacious Goal: To educate and activate 10% of Gen Z youth by the year 2030 to uproot abuse. You will wrap up your Peer Advocate training with two immersive sessions on activating peers through awareness campaigns and amplifying your voice through public speaking to inspire positive change. 

What are the requirements?

  • You are between the ages of 13 and 18.

  • You are available 5 hours a week to commit to launching and leading a Peer Advocate Crew.


  • You are able to plan and host a monthly Peer Advocate Crew meeting.

  • You are willing to facilitate workshops and focus group converstions with your peers.

  • You can identify a trusted adult ally on your campus or in your community to serve as a club advisor/mentor.

Want to know more?

Sign up for updates and opportunities to get involved with Peer Advocate Crews in your community or to go through an upcoming Peer Advocate Academy!

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Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More 365 Days A Year

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