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You're not alone. We believe you.

Get support now.

A disabled young woman sits in a wheelchair wearing a purple shirt with the word Empathy on it.
A teen with brown hair sits on the couch, looking thoughtfully out the window.

Emergency Support

Emergency support is useful if you are in a dangerous situation or have been hurt/abused by someone and need help immediately.

Emergency support services include in-person and text/chat/phone/DM support such as:

  • Discussing your safety

  • Coming up with a plan to get out of a dangerous or abusive situation

  • Help with getting an order of protection or retraining order

  • Help with basic needs

  • Connections to community resources

  • Emotional support

Chat with an advocate

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Individual Support

Individual support is useful when you have experienced abuse and want to work one on one  with an advocate in person or through video chat.

Individual support services include:

  • Help dealing with big emotions such as sadness, anxiety, fear, anger, etc.

  • Connections to community resources

  • Empowerment

  • Learning communication skills with family, friends, romantic partners, etc.

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Headshot of Kiana Anaya, a young woman with brown hair and a black t-shirt with the word Kindness on it.

Kiana Anaya

Headshot of Bree Walker, a young woman wearing an orange t-shirt with the word Respect on it.

Bree Walker

A young disabled man in a yellow hoodie participates in a group activity.

Peer Support Groups

Peer support groups are available to anybody with a disability to help build social connections and to allow participants to share personal experiences in a safe space. Peer support group sessions will begin in September.

Topics discussed in peer support groups include:

  • Safety

  • Self Care

  • Boundaries

  • Coping Skills

  • Self Esteem

Do you want to join a peer support group? Click the button below to join a peer support group.


Free counseling sessions with a licensed professional are available to anyone with a disability that has experienced abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, gender-based violence, sex trafficking, stalking and bullying. Sessions can be done in person or through video chat.

Therapy sessions include:

  • Healing through trauma informed therapeutic focus

  • Improve safety, healing, and well-being

  • Understand and recognize trauma experiences

  • Building empathy and confidence

  • Improving coping, boundary setting, and communication skills

Do you want to start counseling? Click the button below to get started with a counselor.

A disabled teen boy sits in a wheelchair and uses a laptop computer.

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