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The key strength of BLOOM365's work to uproot abuse in a generation is our assets based and peer-to-peer approach to prevention and response. At BLOOM365:

  • Teens are individuals with capabilities and resources, not just needs.  

  • Teens can contribute significantly to the delivery services and to achieving positive outcomes. 

  • Trusted Adult Allies work collaboratively with teens, rather than paternalistically. 

  • Teen-led and peer influenced social emotional well-being (safety, self-esteem, stability, social connectedness and skill building) and prevention is the solution, not the provision of adult-led programs and services.   


The following organizational values drive our policies and practices:

  • We respect, value and amplify the experiences, influences and voices of teens.

  • We value inclusivity.

  • We are non-partisan and apolitical.

  • We are supportive, kind and empathetic.

  • We are survivor-centered and trauma informed.

  • We take initiative- individually and collectively.

  • We promote personal growth, development and self-care.

  • We encourage healthy and open dialogue.

  • We honor our commitments and show up for teens.

  • We steward financial support with transparency and integrity.

  • We stay in our lane and avoid mission creep.

  • We build diverse collaborations to prevent and respond to teen dating violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, cyber-abuse, bullying and human trafficking.

  • We honor confidentiality, safety, healing and empowerment.

  • We maintain high standards for our staff and community partnerships.

  • We appreciate and value our donors, volunteers and supporters.

  • We are #bloomers- Bringing Love On Others More, 365 days a year!

Encapsulating these beliefs and ideals is the motto Bring Love On Others More, 365 days a year.

Tel. (888) 606-4673

Email: info@bloom365.org

20403 N Lake Pleasant Rd #117-492

Peoria, AZ 85382

Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More

365 Days A Year

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