Our staff and volunteer interns and lead peer advocates create an organizational culture that is inclusive, empathetic, supportive, kind, and innovative.

The work we do is fun, hopeful and challenging. Our goal is to educate and activate 10% of young people across the U.S. by the year 2030. This Big Hairy Audacious Goal, or our #BHAG2030, requires everyone on our team to show up with grit, passion, focus and love.


We boldly have an end date in mind; it's the day when domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers and mass shooting drills at school are no longer needed. That is the day when our work will be complete. To reach this culture changing goal, we lean on each other for support and value those who invest in us and partner with us to #UprootAbuse.


Donna Bartos, MPA (c)

Founder & CEO, BLOOM365

Kiana Anaya

Outreach Advocate

Mia Reza, BSW

Program Director - Sexual Violence Prevention Services

haley junkermann

Lead Advocate

Mary Ordonez Korn

Outreach Advocate/Case Manager

Erin Callinan, MSW

Program Director of Training and Intervention Services

Kamnitzer, BSW

Student Safety Coordinator

Julisa Segovia, BSW

Outreach Advocate/Case Manager

Capri Curtis

Executive Assistant

Alyson Orr, BS

Volunteer Coordinator

Danielle Tefft