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Someone I know experienced abuse

Over 80% of teens say they would confide in a friend before going to an adult if they were experiencing or witnessing victimization. We're here to help you navigate that.

Let's start with understanding

If your friend is experiencing violence they may not want to leave the relationship even after recognizing it is abusive, they may blame themselves for the harm, or they may leave the relationship and return to the relationship many times.

Remember that your friend will only turn to you for support if they know that they can trust you, and building that trust depends on supporting and empowering them to make their own decisions.

Holding Hands

Learn how to LEVEL

If someone you know is experiencing dating abuse, sexual violence, or domestic violence, LEVEL with them.

  • Listen​​

Be present
• Don’t interrupt.
• Make eye contact.
• Ask questions rather than give opinions.

  • Empathize

Try to feel what they are feeling
• “Thank you for sharing with me.”

  • Validate

Acknowledge their feelings
• “I believe you.”
• “I’m sorry you’re going through this.”
• “It’s not your fault.”

  • Encourage

Amplify positive affirmations
• “I am here for you & always ready to listen.”

  • Link to resources

Link to resources
• "Have you heard of BLOOM365? They provide free and confidential help!"

Say this:

  • "Thank you for sharing with me."


  • "I believe you."


  • "I'm sorry you're going through this."

  • "It's not your fault."


  • "I am here for you and always ready to listen."


  • "I will support you no matter what you decide to do."


  • "It takes a lot of courage to talk about this."

  • "Have you heard of BLOOM365? They provide free and confidential help!"

Don't say this:

  • "You should just leave."

  • "You need to stand up for yourself."

  • "How could you let them treat you that way?"

  • "What did you do to make them so angry?"

  • "Why haven't you broken up with them yet?"

  • "I warned you."

  • "Why didn't you just fight back?"

  • "Everything happens for a reason."

  • "It could be worse."

Desert Road


Here are some helpful tools to help you become a more informed friend, peer, family member or trusted adult ally:


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