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Recognizing that an education curriculum alone will not inspire social change, through peer to peer advocacy we activate teens to grow empathy, respect, equality, kindness, consent, safety and peace as the standard for their generation.

Our BHAG is to activate 10% (4.7 Million) of U.S. teens by the year 2030 as agents of change who reject and no longer tolerate gender based violence.  #UprootAbuse

At bloom365, we address the root causes of abuse and violence early and with an entire generation by partnering with schools and community based youth organizations in Arizona and across the U.S. 



Through youth relevant education, advocacy and activism we meet the needs of young people who have experienced, perpetrated or witnessed abuse and violence.

Our 3-Step BringLove365 model is a scalable and sustainable school and community-based approach to prevent the root causes of power and control based violence and alleviate the barriers teens face when seeking help.


Directly informed and influenced by teens, BringLove365 is implemented by inspiring and skilled bloom365 staff, as well as trained and certified teen peer advocates and adult allies from early adopter parter organizations, which include DV/SA organizations, family advocacy centers, city and state governments, school districts, military installations, survivor networks and other individuals and institutions who empower youth.


Together, we aim to realize a long-term impact on:

  • reducing teen dating violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, gender-based violence, stalking and gun violence related injuries and deaths

  • improving school climate by strengthening school-based responses to these issues

  • coordinating responses to assure teens who have experienced, perpetrated or witnessed victimization have access to holistic resources to increase safety, self-esteem and healing

  • disrupting the social norms that perpetuate abuse and violence

  • growing a culture where empathy, respect, kindness, equality, consent, safety and peace are the norm

Through partnerships with schools, organizations and trained teen peer advocates and adult ally mentors, we collectively address the intersections of sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism, and ableism, and other forms of oppression with power and control based abuse and violence.  


The partners involved in this high-impact work all provide different perspectives on addressing the problem of teen violence, however it is the teens who hold the answers to prevention. Therefore, this movement is driven by their thoughts, ideas and feedback.


Are you blooming or wilting? BLOOM365 Ro


Youth violence takes many forms- bullying, teen dating abuse, sexual violence, gender-based violence, stalking, cyber-bullying, and murder/suicide.

It is rooted at the individual, relationship, community and societal levels and requires consistent and sustainable solutions along this social ecology to prevent it before it begins.  

Our 3-Step approach

combines a research based and evidence informed multi-dose prevention education curriculum with direct service advocacy and youth-led activism for positive social change.

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