5-Dose Curriculum

Our pilot curriculum for 6th-8th grade students consists of five research-based and relevant lessons which enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of youth to recognize the signs of coercive control and build and grow healthy relationships. The curriculum educates and activates middle school students to help prevent verbal, emotional and physical abuse and aggression by growing healthy relationships with peers.

  • increases understanding of controlling v. caring

  • builds communication, conflict resolution, boundary setting and coping skills

  • uncovers the root causes and risk factors of bullying and cyber bullying

  • empowers youth to consume and share digital media messages safely and responsibly

  • improves self-esteem and peer support

  • alleviates the barriers youth face with seeking help

  • boosts the confidence and skills of students to model empathy, respect, kindness, safety, consent, and bystander accountability, peer to peer.



Caring V. Controlling Relationships

Friends today, ignored tomorrow.

The dynamics of power and control in middle school relationships.

Red flags of unhealthy relationships.

50 Minutes


The 4 C's of Healthy Relationships

Cultivating Communication, Conflict Resolution, Coping, and Consent.

50 Minutes


Root Causes: Gender Norms and Media Influences

What causes bullying, in friendships or relationships?

How can we help to stop it?

50 Minutes


Root Solutions: Self-Esteem

How do we improve our self-esteem?

How does self-esteem play a role in healthy friendships and relationships?

50 Minutes


Root Solutions: Upstanders for Social Changes

How do we begin to create change around these issues?

The 4 D's of Upstander Intervention: Direct, Delay, Delegate, and Distract.

50 Minutes

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