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You Are Not Alone

Did you know? Many of your peers have disclosed using controlling, abusive or violent behaviors

on their intimate partner. 

Do you know how to show respect in your relationships?

Have you found that using violence has been a part of your past relationships?

Do you want support on how to be a healthier boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?


We support you when it matters most

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10-Question Quiz

to see if you are respectful in your relationships

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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. We are here to listen.

Join a support group

Connect with other youth with similar experiences by attending our Peer Support Groups.

Learn More

about healthy relationships, self-esteem, confidence, communication, caring vs controlling behaviors


There are small steps you can take right now to begin seeing big changes in your life! Sometimes people learn that using violence, aggression or control in relationships is normal or healthy.


Fortunately, BLOOM365 can provide you with new coping skills and tools to help you stop using abusive behaviors and start practicing communication, respect and empathy!

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Get in Touch

with one of our friendly counselors

Send a Text: 1.888.606.4673


  1. We receive your contact info

  2. One of our friendly youth advocates reaches out

  3. We listen to how you’re feeling

  4. We share ways we can help you

  5. We can even schedule a free counseling session

Send a Text: 1.888.606.4673

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Students we have talked with say they're surprised to find they're not alone.

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