The Youth Violence Intervention & Prevention Project (Y-VIPP) is a pilot project in partnership with bloom365, one n ten, Dignity Health and the ASU Morrison Institute that promotes school-based coordinated community responses to prevent young people at risk for or already perpetrating violence from

“slipping through the cracks.”

Education & Outreach

Risk Assessments

Individual Interventions

Group Interventions & Peer Support

Coordinated Community Responses


For 13-24 year old teens and young adults who are at risk for controlling, abusive or violent behaviors or who have already offended, Y-VIPP offers the following in-person and online trauma informed individual and group intervention services:



- For teens (13-17)

- For young adults (18-24)

- For parents/caregivers 

- For school personnel and youth service providers

Individual Interventions

- ​​​Risk Factor Reduction

- Skill Building

- Coping

- Self-Control

- Communication

Conflict Resolution

- Healthy Relationship Education

- Jealousy & Insecurity

- Rigid Beliefs in Gender Roles & Stereotypes

- Consent v. Coercion

- Caring v. Controlling

- Trauma Informed Interventions to Alleviate Impact of ACES

- ​​​Increase Protective Factors

- Empathetic Listening

- Self-Esteem/Confidence

- Peer Support

- Trusted Adult Connections



- Like Skills

- Root Cause & Risk Factor Influences

- Social Connectedness

- Peer to Peer Accountability

- Art/Music/Activity Therapy 

- Mindfulness


Reduce Risk Factors


Protective Factors

Intervene Early



1,200 youth complete prevention education (7-Dose Curriculum)

360 youth disclosing harm know where to access help

25 youth self-identify as at risk for perpetration and seek help


70% of youth self-referred or by CCRT complete a risk assessment

100% of youth who receive the outreach education know where to seek help and how to access help

80% of CCRT members have the confidence and skills to respond to youth interpersonal violence

Tel. (888) 606-4673


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Our name is our promise:

Bring Love On Others More

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