7-Dose Curriculum

to Uproot Abuse in a Generation

The curriculum consists of seven research-based, evidence informed, and teen relevant lessons which enhance the confidence, skills and knowledge of teens to grow and build safe and healthy relationships, free of abuse and violence.


Each dose, or lesson, is driven by measurable objectives that align with the core standards for health education. Upon completing the interactive curriculum, teens who have experienced, witnessed or perpetrated victimization know where to get help and how to help a friend, as well as have access to ongoing direct service advocacy, counseling and peer to peer support.



Defining Teen Relationships: Caring or Controlling?


Students will comprehend concepts related to healthy relationship promotion and teen dating abuse, domestic/sexual violence prevention and intervention to enhance their health, safety, healing, self-esteem, social connectedness and overall well-being.

50 Minutes


Recognizing & Responding: Red Flags, Where/How to Get Help & How to Help a Friend


1. Students will demonstrate the ability to identify the warning signs of controlling or abusive behaviors in a friend, dating partner or themselves to enhance health and avoid/reduce risks.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information and services to enhance their health, safety, healing and overall well-being.

50 Minutes


Root Causes: Gender Stereotypes & Norms v. Exceptions


1. Students will comprehend concepts related to rigid gender stereotypes and the resulting negative effects on body image, confidence, and violence perpetration. 

2. Students will demonstrate the confidence to enhance their health by reaching out for help.

50 Minutes


Root Causes: Media, Peer & Community Influences


Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on abusive or violent behaviors.

50 Minutes


Root Solutions: Self-Esteem & Healthy Relationships


Students will demonstrate the ability to use self-esteem boosting skills to enhance their social and emotional health.


50 Minutes


Cultivating Root Solutions: The 3 C’s Communication, Conflict Resolution, & Consent.


1. Students will demonstrate the ability to use new skills to cultivate a culture of consent and healthy relationships.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health, resolve conflicts and communicate feelings without aggression or violence.

50 Minutes


Root Solutions: Upstanders for Social Change & The 4'D's of Bystander Intervention


1. Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health as upstanders for social change.

2. Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting, communication and creative skills to cultivate healthy and safe relationships.

50 Minutes

Evidence Informed Promising Practice

ASU Morrison Institute Evaluation

Reports and Publications
July 2015
Bill Hart, Eric C. Hedberg, Ph.D.

Many domestic violence offenders and victims are repeating patterns of belief and behavior formed in their teenage years. Experts agree that the most effective way to short-circuit teen dating violence is prevention – teaching teenagers how to form healthy relationships and to avoid or escape unhealthy ones.

A Valley nonprofit organization, BLOOM365 (formerly GoPurple.org), has provided classes to thousands of Phoenix-area teens on these topics. An analysis of their pilot program indicates that it has been effective in opening eyes and changing attitudes.

Dating Abuse & Domestic Violence: Risk and Protective Factors

The Root Causes and Root Solutions

Understanding the multilevel risk factors and root causes of violence and working in community to prevent them will help to uproot abuse in a generation.

Research Based | Evidence Informed | Core Standards Aligned

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 7-Dose Curriculum Impact

  • Enhances interpersonal communication skills for conflict resolution and boundary setting.

  • Builds comprehension of caring v. controlling  relationships and ways to prevent the root causes of emotional, verbal, physical and sexual violence. 

  • Provides access to health information and services to increase safety, empowerment and intervention support.

  • Provides a safe and inclusive space to practice new skills.

  • Empowers students to consume and share digital media messages safely and responsibly.

  • Improves self-esteem and the ability to advocate for safe and healthy relationships. 

  • Alleviates help seeking barriers for teens who are experiencing or witnessing teen dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, and/or gender based violence. 

The curriculum further boosts the confidence and skills of students to activate, peer to peer, to promote empathy, respect, kindness, equality, safety, and consent as the standard for their generation.

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