peer advocate academy

Join teens from across Arizona and the globe for a fun-filled academy experience! Hands on learning, small group idea sharing, inspirational storytelling and developing peer to peer awareness campaigns and outreach skills! 


Designed for teens who are passionate about cultivating

culture of empathy, respect, consent and kindness. 



Preventing teen dating abuse before it starts will help to ensure relationships, homes, schools, and communities are healthy, safe and free of domestic abuse and sexual violence. We take a collaborative and comprehensive public health approach to preventing interpersonal violence at the root causes. Through our 7-Dose education curricula, ongoing advocacy and youth-led activism, we change the social norms that support violence and remove the barriers to help for young survivors. Join us to experience our foundational relationship health curriculum for yourself! This interactive training is suitable for high school teens and adults.


Elephant in the Room Study Circles

Our Elephant in the Room Study Circles are made up of 5 to 20 teens or adults who meet 4 times a year (January, March, June, September) to discuss issues related to youth experiencing, witnessing, or perpetrating interpersonal violence. The goal is to work together on developing ideas that lead to actions that lead to solutions for preventing the root causes of violence at the individual, relationship, community and societal levels. See what’s possible when a whole community comes together to #UprootAbuse in a generation!