Bloom It Up

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Are you tired of facilitating a curriculum developed in the 1990's or a "once and done" prevention strategy that doesn't work? If so, our   certified facilitator training program is for you! 

Our teen relevant domestic/sexual/ teen dating violence prevention and intervention Bloom It Up curriculum doesn’t end in the classroom. It continues throughout the year.


We are now training and certifying Bloom It Up Facilitators from partner organizations to replicate and implement our education, advocacy and activism solutions nationwide.

Bloom It Up Facilitator

An early adopter is an organization or advocacy group who adopts bloom365's 3-Step education, advocacy and activism innovations early on and is the first to implement Bloom It Up in their region. Staff and volunteers from early adopter partner organizations are trained and certified to facilitate and test the fidelity of Bloom It Up in their local communities. Facilitator trainees are usually advocates or activists from:

·  DV/SA Prevention & Advocacy Organizations

·  School Districts

·  Law Enforcement Agencies

·  Military Installations

·  City/County/State Governments

·  Youth Leadership Councils

·  Youth-Centered Advocacy Groups

·  Parent Teacher Organizations 

Together, we are removing the help seeking barriers faced by young survivors of domestic/sexual/teen dating violence through education, advocacy and activism in schools and communities. 

#BloomItUp #UprootAbuse


Nicole Sharpe

Brooklyn, NY

Heather Hurley Foundation

The Heather Hurley Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating the community on domestic abuse. Founder, Nicole Sharpe, is bringing the promising practice Bloom It Up solution into schools and grassroots organizations throughout Brooklyn to ensure teens have the knowledge, confidence, support and skills to uproot abuse. 

Victim-Witness Advocate
(406) 846-9703


Powell County, MT

Powell County Victim Witness

The Powell County Office of Victim Assistance assists victims of crime as they navigate and participate in the criminal justice system. The advocates have partnered with Law Enforcement to bring Bloom It Up to Powell County youth.

COM Youth maricopa.jpg

Community Programs Manager


Mary Witkofski

City of Maricopa, AZ

Maricopa Police Department

The Maricopa Police Department is partnering with local middle and high schools to implement Bloom It Up within the city to educate teens  to cultivate healthy and safe relationships, free of abuse and violence.