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ADVOCACY services
PEER support
For AGES 11-24

Support Group

Crisis counseling

Our advocates and counseling interns provide crisis counseling to young people, ages 11-24, who have experienced victimization from crimes including teen dating abuse, sexual violence, domestic violence, gender based violence, sex trafficking, stalking and bullying.


Crisis Counseling services include in person and text/chat/phone/DM

support such as:

  • safety planning

  • risk assessment

  • validation

  • victim's rights information

  • assistance with orders of protection

  • referrals to safe shelter

  • connections to resources 

  • accessing immediate basic needs

Hours: Monday-Friday | 3pm-9pm MST



Individual Advocacy

Our individual Tele-Advocacy and in person support services help young people with assessing and meeting their individual basic needs, accessing community resources, developing peer connections and understanding victimization and the roots of violence. Ongoing services include:

  • emotional support

  • text/phone helpline AT 1.888.606.HOPE (4673)

  • online chat

  • goal setting 

  • information on Victims' Rights

  • safety services (safety planning, order of protection information)

  • family education and communication

  • meeting coordination with school administrators, service providers, etc.

activate peer advocate crew

Peer Support Groups

Our Peer Support Groups reduce the isolation of victimization by connecting young survivors with other young survivors who can share and support each other.


Each one hour group follows a trauma-informed, psycho-educational model, providing education on teen informed topics such as safety, self-care, coping, boundaries and self-esteem.


Peer Support Groups are available online and in person at BLOOM365 school and community-based sites across Arizona. 

If you have questions or would like more information on our support groups, please EMAIL, CALL or TEXT 1-888-606-4673.


All participants will need to complete an intake with a BLOOM365 advocate prior to their first session.

All advocacy services are supervised by LCSW and LPC Clinical Supervisors.


Case Management

Case Management services include:

  • developing assessments

  • coordinating services with existing supports (school counselors, parents, caregivers, etc.)

  • family education

  • monitoring progress

  • advocating for wrap-around services

  • help with accessing basic needs

Watercolor Painting

Healing Arts

Therapeutic Healing Arts classes will resume at our Blooming Point Phoenix Advocacy Center and in community-based partner organizations when it is safe to do so. Modalities include art, dance, music, spoken word and drama.

Student Paper Writing

Individual Therapy

Specially trained and LCSW & LPC supervised advance practice counseling interns provide trauma-informed and healing-centered therapeutic victim services that address sexual violence, its effects in day-to-day living and relationships, and strategies for healing.

BLOOM365's free and confidential advocacy services address and respond to victimization and trauma from crimes including teen dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, community violence, sex trafficking, stalking, gender-based violence and bullying. 

Our therapeutic advocacy and intervention services help to reduce depression, traumatic stress, fear, anxiety, problems adjusting to school or daily life, and other symptoms of distress associated with witnessing or experiencing violence.

Monday-Friday | 3pm-9pm MST


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