Mobilizing and activating Generation Z youth to change the social norms that lead to abuse, will ultimately reverse the trajectory of domestic and sexual violence in America.

At bloom365, we amplify the voices, experiences and influences of young people to #UprootAbuse. We believe that young people are the leaders and change agents of today and tomorrow, so we invest in building the leadership, advocacy, community building, action planning and storytelling skills of Generation Z * to #UprootAbuse.


*Generation Z youth were born between 1995 and 2010

Peer Advocate Crew (PAC)

The PAC (Peer Advocate Crew) is a student-run club which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships/friendships and work together to prevent the root causes of teen dating violence, domestic violence and sexual assault in a generation. PAC's follow the bloom365 motto to Bring Love On Others More, 365 Days a year. 

Three core functions of a PAC are to:
1.    EDUCATE: Heighten awareness on red flags, root causes and resources through peer to peer education
2.    ADVOCATE: Support and validate teen survivors and remove barriers to help
3.    ACTIVATE: Build community by activating teens and trusted adult allies to work together to cultivate a culture, free of dating abuse, sexual assault and gender based violence


The PAC motto is Bring Love On Others More 365 days a year. #bloom365

Peer Advocate Academy

BLOOM365's Peer Advocate Academy is a three day training program for teens and young adults (13-19) who want to lead, collaborate, learn, inform, inspire and develop solutions to remove the barriers to safety, healing and help for peers who experience or witness dating abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault. Our ultimate goal is to educate and activate 10% of youth across Arizona and the U.S. as Peer Advocates to #UprootAbuse in a generation. 


Lead fun, interactive and inspirational peer-to-peer events and activities to remove the barriers to help for young survivors and to promote healthy and safe relationships for all.


Collaborate and connect with teens and trusted adult allies from across Arizona and the U.S. 


Learn leadership, advocacy, community building, public speaking, conflict resolution and action planning skills. 

Inform, inspire and involve peers to cultivate empathy, respect, consent and equality through quarterly campaigns.

Work together to #UprootAbuse in a generation.

The Peer Advocate Academy breaks down the above goals into three training components: Educate, Advocate, Activate. Click the REGISTER button for more info!

Bring Love On Others More Pledge

The Bring Love on Others More Pledge is a school and community-wide initiative that seeks to raise public awareness about domestic/sexual/teen dating violence prevention through students, teachers, parents, business owners and other community members visibly pledging to model empathy, respect, consent, kindness, equality and peace as the standard at school, at home, at work and in the community.

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of joining the PAC!

As a member of the BLOOM365 PAC, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with a diverse team of bloom365 Lead Peer Advocate staff, campus reps, interns and PAC members from schools across the U.S.!

  • Engage in meaningful conversations about issues facing teens and solutions.

  • Gain hands on experience in education, advocacy, and/or activism- great resume builders!

  • Learn from your peers and content experts in abuse and violence prevention to become stronger and effective agents of social change.

  • Partner with a network of Trusted Adult Ally mentors.


LGBT teens experience dating abuse more frequently than teen heterosexual couples.


The reality is that gender and sexual minority people are more likely than any other marginalized group to be victims of a hate crime. LGBTQ people of color are even more vulnerable to violence because they stand at an intersection of societal oppressions many do not face.